M's Residential Routes

Visit homes and do surveys with the intention to sign up Bible Studies and register people to attend the seminar. These are routes that you can take to knock on doors and conduct a survey with the goal of signing up the person for Bible Studies or registering them for the Evangelistic Series.

5 Contact Registrations per hour
1 Bible Study Registration per weekday
2 Bible Study Registrations per Sunday

01. Townsend Blvd


02. Smith St - Charles St


03. Memorial Ave



04. Oak St - Elm St



05. West St - W Main St



06. Allison Dr- W Main St



07. Fairway Dr



08. Dine Dr - Douglas Dr



09. Timberline Trail



10. Summit Ave



11. Evergreen Way



12. Greenlaw Dr - Fairway Dr



13. Tyrell Rd - Baxter Rd



14. Old Rte 55 A



15. Sage Rd - Noel Ct



16. Harmony Hill Rd


17. Cunningham Ln


18. Hunter Ln - Martingale Way


19. Bridle Way


20. Prospect St


21. Westwind Rd


22. E Main St A